Aside of well-known markets as China, Japan, USA and Europe, maybe still paying subsidies, there are real-economy markets, with the biggest GDP growth rates, where the implementation of new capacities of electric energy generation is and will be, mainly, from  renewable resources, mostly Photovoltaic.

“Solar PV is the only technology on track to meet its 2DS power generation target by 2025.

Its capacity is forecast to grow by 18% annually between 2014 and 2020. […]

In OECD non-member economies, growth of solar PV should spread geographically. […]

If these medium-term trends continue, solar PV could even surpass its 2025 target.”

Source: TCEP2015 IEA(International Energy Agency)

“Renewables are expected to be the largest source of net additions to power capacity over

the medium term. Solar PV is the second-largest source of new capacity, […]

In the non-OECD, renewables account for almost half of net additions to power capacity,”

Source: MTRMR2015 IEA(International Energy Agency)

At Global PV Consulting, we facilitate the access to these markets where investment has, not only a higher profitability, but also provides sustainable solutions for developing economies and their people. Such contribution helps to create a more fair, well-balanced and long-term healthy environment, a WIN-WIN situation for everyone!