About us.

We bring global solutions to our customers via our know how and networking, providing safety, professionalism and cutting edge criteria in order to assure that every PV project reaches the highest performance and quality standards all along its service life.

At Global PV Consulting we adapt our services to our customer’s needs by structuring flexible solutions, tailored for each PV project, from the first stage of development, through engineering, contract and project management, to technical auditory.

We are an interdisciplinary team, consisting of over 10 years experienced professionals at the PV sector in executive positions at leading companies in international markets, managing an exhaustive partners and contacts networking, among developers, EPCs, equipment manufacturers, IPPs, government institutions and financial entities.

Through our long career we have been trading and developing PV projects in over 50 countries at the 5 continents, making EPC in Europe, Africa and South America. This has provided us with a deep market knowledge, which we convert in your advantage and benefits.

We understand the importance of the commercial matters for both developers and investors and are able to evaluate projects in terms of risk and profitability, acting as an interface between all the involved players. Adding value to the entire project chain, by providing our experience in technical, regulatory, financial and market concerns and knowing how the project can be affected in each circumstance, Global PV Consulting is your reliable partner for successing at PV.